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Our Services


We supply speciality grade green coffee beans and bulk instant coffee. We are ready to assist you with your speciality coffee requirements which include:

Supply Speciality Grade green coffee beans either blended or unblended, single origin and limited release microlots.

Provide technical liaison with producers and roasters.

Product development support for private label, retail speciality coffees.

Speciality Coffee promotions at your establishment (Coffee shops, Restaurants, Hotels.

Supply bulk Speciality Instant Coffee.


We source and supply green speciality coffee beans for speciality coffee roasters. We choose our estates and suppliers carefully to ensure that we supply our roasters with good quality coffee beans with traceability, transparency and sustainability and can assist our roasters with technical assistance direct from origin.

Most of our beans can be traced to the estates of their origin. Contact us to find out more about our range of speciality coffee beans or how to become our associated roasters where coffee establishments and retailers can obtain roasted coffees with our speciality grades of coffee beans.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Our esteemed associated coffee roasters play an important role in working their magic with our speciality coffee beans so your fine establishments can obtain and serve our amazing coffee beans, roasted to perfection. Our relationships extend beyond our coffee roasters. We value relationships with establishments that serve coffees brewed from our speciality beans and look forward to developing long lasting relationships.

Our relationships with our associated coffee roasters, provides you with a source of freshly roasted high quality roasted coffees. Our technical consultants can help you create your own speciality coffee programs within your establishment and create your own unique brand of speciality coffees and experiences. Contact us to find out about our associated roasters and retailers closest to you. We welcome discussions about hosting one of our speciality coffee events at your establishment.


We value your opinions and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us to tell us what you think or to find out which establishments serve coffees brewed with our speciality coffee beans or where you can purchase our coffees for your speciality home brew.

Instant Coffee

We offer you the choice of type (extract, freeze dried or roasted instant), cup profile, roasting level, and packaging options which includes jars, sticks, sachets, bags, and secondary packaging such as display boxes. Our flexibility allows you to procure the freeze-dried coffee and extract in bulk and package your product locally.


We are always looking to develop quality relationships and partnerships with fine coffee roasters. Become our Go-to-Guys (and gals) for clients wanting our speciality beans, freshly roasted in their locality. We offer, a transparent relationship between our farmers and roasters for efficiency on technical discussions to ensure that you get the best roast out of our beans. Be the first to know about our limited release microlots. Our associate roasters and baristas get first preference on our limited release microlots.

Do you have what it takes to make a great bean, better? Talk to us

Fine Baristas need a good bean to complement their special skills. Get the beans that your skills deserve. Join us as an associate Barista and get access to our highest scoring beans and limited release microlots. Can’t find the perfect bean? Let’s get talking to find you what you need.

Restaurants, coffee shops and hotels
Are you looking for good quality coffee to serve your patrons? Do you need to serve divine coffees to discerning guests? Get in touch with us and we will get you on your path to excellence with our speciality coffee beans and our service excellence.

Do you want to host an ALTAKAFÉ speciality coffee event at your venue? Check out our special services.

Special services
We understand creativity and individuality. Roasters and Baristas shouldn’t be restricted to what’s available here and now. We are committed to finding you that special bean to show off your creativity and individuality.